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Call Us Now 561-248-7256

Servicing Palm Beach County, FL

Easy Removal Solutions | Your Trusted Bee and Pest Removal Experts

Safe, effective and easy removal solutions for any pest, bee, or unwanted wildlife at your home or business!

Easy Removal Solutions

We are your Bee relocation experts!

If you’re not sure what to do with your wildlife problem, don’t worry, just pick up the phone! We work with all wildlife.
We offer FREE wildlife advice 24 hours a day. The experts at ERS are here for you and your animals.

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Locally owned and operated out of West Palm Beach Florida.

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Top Quality

Trusted by customers.
5 stars on Google. Quality Service

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24 Hours Service

Dedicated to offering you the best service whenever you need it

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Servicing Multiple Locations

Servicing over a dozen areas in south Florida.

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Hi, My name is Zach
and I’m a seasoned
Wildlife Removal Expert

With years of experience in the field, I’ve dedicated my career to helping residents of Palm Beach County safely and humanely manage wildlife on their properties. My certification and ongoing training in wildlife biology and humane removal techniques ensure that I can offer the most effective and compassionate solutions for both our clients and the local wildlife.

I understand the unique ecosystem of Florida and the behaviors of its wildlife. I can not only remove unwanted animals but also provide insights and preventative measures to avoid future issues. I’m here to assist you with your wildlife concerns, ensuring your home or business remains safe.


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